Power Pulse60

Power 60 KW | Current 250 Amp

PowerPulse60 | Our advanced 60 kW DC Fast Charger designed to redefine your EV charging experience

  • 60 KW
  • 2 Connectors
  • Fast Charging
  • Reliable


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AC Chargers:

Evtor TravelPulse: m chargers available in 3.3 kW and 7.2 kW variants. Evtor HomePulse: Designed for home use, these chargers (available in 3.3 kW & 7.2 kW) offer charging data visibility through an app and support RFID technology. EvtorMax Pulse: A 7.2 kW fast AC charger tailored for the Indian market, featuring a 4mm thick iron sheet for waterproofing and robust safety measures. Suitable for commercial properties, apartments, hotels, and highways, it operates on a pre-paid plug-and-play model.

DC Chargers:

EvtorPowerHub DC-60: A 60 kW DC charger. PowerPulse30 & PowerPulse60: These are Single Gun 30 kW and Dual Gun 30+30 or 60 kW chargers, primarily for highways and commercial applications. Evtor App: A comprehensive mobile application enhancing user experience by facilitating charger location navigation, booking, real-time status updates, wallet services, and control over the start and stop functions of the chargers.

Evtor Extend Travel Kit: Includes a 15M extension wire, inbuilt earthing, and features for power management and current control. Evtor India's focus is on establishing a reliable EV charging network across the country, with a mission to deploy over 1 million chargers nationwide. Their commitment to innovative technology, user-friendly solutions, and robust infrastructure emphasizes their dedication to fostering sustainable transportation in India.

The installation process for Evtor's charging pillars is not detailed in the provided documents. This information might be available in other resources or directly from Evtor India's customer service or technical support teams. For specific installation guidelines, it's best to consult with Evtor India directly or refer to the installation manual that comes with their charging products.

Evtor India, with its focus on customer satisfaction and providing comprehensive EV charging solutions, is likely to assist customers with the installation of their chargers. This assistance could include providing detailed installation guides, offering technical support, or possibly coordinating with certified professionals for the installation process.

However, the specific details regarding the extent of assistance offered by Evtor India for charger installation are not provided in the documents I have access to. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on installation support, it would be best to directly contact Evtor India's customer service or check their official website. They can provide detailed guidance on their installation services, including any potential partnerships with certified installers or technical support teams.

Evtor India's technology stands out from its competitors in several key aspects: Innovative Charger Designs: Evtor offers a range of chargers, including the portable Evtor TravelPulse, the home-friendly Evtor HomePulse, and the EvtorMax Pulse designed for commercial use. These chargers are tailored to meet diverse needs, from personal to public charging stations.
Advanced Features: Evtor chargers come with advanced features like RFID technology, app-based control, and data visibility. This integration of technology enhances user experience by making charging more accessible and manageable. Customized Solutions for Indian Market: The EvtorMax Pulse, for instance, is specifically designed for the Indian market with robust safety measures and a 4mm thick iron sheet for waterproofing. Such customization shows Evtor’s commitment to meeting local needs and conditions.
High-Powered DC Chargers: Evtor's DC chargers, like the EvtorPowerHub DC-60 and PowerPulse30 & PowerPulse60, are high-powered solutions primarily for highways and commercial applications. These chargers can significantly reduce charging time, an important factor for EV users.
User-Friendly Mobile App: The Evtor App offers functionalities like charger location navigation, booking, real-time status updates, wallet services, and remote control over charging. This app-centric approach places Evtor at the forefront of digital integration in EV charging.
Evtor Extend Travel Kit: This kit, including a 15M extension wire and features for power management and current control, adds to the convenience and versatility of Evtor’s product range.
Commitment to Infrastructure Expansion: Evtor's mission to deploy over 1 million chargers nationwide shows a significant commitment to developing a vast and reliable EV charging network in India.
These features collectively position Evtor India as a competitive and innovative player in the EV charging industry, especially in the context of the Indian market. Their focus on user-friendly, technologically advanced, and market-specific solutions sets them apart from competitors.

The system requirements for using Evtor's technology, specifically for their range of EV chargers and related products, are not explicitly detailed in the provided documents. Generally, for EV charging technologies like those offered by Evtor, certain common system requirements might include:
Electrical Infrastructure: Adequate electrical infrastructure to support the power needs of EV chargers, especially for high-powered models. This could involve specific voltage and amperage requirements.
Space and Installation Area: Sufficient space for installing the charging units, considering factors like accessibility for vehicles, safety, and compliance with local regulations.
Connectivity for Smart Features: For chargers with smart features, such as those connected to the Evtor App, a stable internet connection might be necessary to access functionalities like remote control, booking, and status updates. Compatibility with Vehicles: Compatibility between the charger and the electric vehicle, including the type of charging connector and the vehicle's charging specifications.
Safety Compliance: Adherence to safety standards and regulations, including proper earthing and protection against environmental factors.
For detailed system requirements specific to Evtor's chargers and technology, it would be advisable to consult directly with Evtor India or refer to the user manuals and technical specifications provided with their products. They can offer the most accurate and relevant information tailored to their specific range of EV charging solutions.

Evtor India's collaboration with other companies or institutions is not specifically mentioned in the documents I have access to. However, given the nature of the electric vehicle (EV) industry and the scale of Evtor India's ambitions, such collaborations are common and often necessary for growth and innovation. These collaborations could take various forms: Partnerships with Vehicle Manufacturers: Collaborating with EV manufacturers for compatible charging solutions and integrated services.
Collaborations with Energy Providers: Working with electricity and renewable energy companies to ensure a sustainable and reliable power supply for EV chargers.
Tie-ups with Commercial and Public Entities: Partnering with commercial properties, malls, hotels, and government entities for the installation of public charging stations.
Technology and Infrastructure Development: Collaborating with tech companies and infrastructure developers to advance charging technology and expand the charging network.
Research and Development: Engaging with academic institutions and research organizations for technological advancements and innovations in EV charging.
Policy Advocacy and Industry Alliances: Participating in alliances and advocacy groups focused on EV infrastructure and sustainable transportation.
While I do not have specific information on Evtor's partnerships, these are typical collaborative efforts that a company in the EV charging sector might pursue. For confirmed details about Evtor's collaborations, it would be best to directly contact Evtor India or refer to their official communications and press releases.

Evtor India's range of EV chargers is designed to accommodate a variety of electric vehicles (EVs). While the specific models of vehicles that can be charged using Evtor's chargers are not detailed in the documents I have, generally, their chargers should be compatible with most EVs that conform to standard charging protocols. This includes:
Electric Cars: Most electric cars available in the Indian market, including both domestic and international brands, should be compatible with Evtor's AC and DC chargers, provided they use standard connectors.
Electric Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers: Electric bikes, scooters, and auto-rickshaws, which are increasingly popular in India, can also be charged if they are equipped with compatible charging ports.
Commercial Electric Vehicles: This includes electric buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles that are designed for EV charging stations.
It's important to note that compatibility depends on the type of connector used by the EV and the power requirements of the vehicle. Evtor's product lineup, including AC chargers like the Evtor TravelPulse, Evtor HomePulse, EvtorMax Pulse, and DC chargers like the EvtorPowerHub DC-60 and PowerPulse30 & PowerPulse60, suggests a broad compatibility with a range of vehicles.
For the most accurate and detailed information on vehicle compatibility, it is advisable to check the specifications of the Evtor charger models and the charging requirements of the specific EV model in question. Additionally, consulting with Evtor India or the vehicle manufacturer can provide clarity on compatibility issues.

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